Being a parent

Mostly everyone decides to be a parent at some point or the other in their life (i say mostly, because i know people who do not want to be parents). It is a full-time job/commitment that we are very happy to make. It teaches us many things like patience (I guess that is the important part of being a parent), unconditional love and responsibility (also a very important aspect of being a parent). According to me the most important fact is your will and readiness to be a parent. One has to be emotionally prepared to be a parent. Like I for example was not prepared for it, when I had my daughter. I was still studying, I had different things on my mind. But then I embraced it. Eventually I started to enjoy being pregnant and then I couldn’t wait for my little one to be in my arms.

Once you are prepared to have a child, then what? Is that enough? Does giving birth to a child make you a parent? Or is there more to it? Of course there is more to it(I remember the movie paa, where auro’s mom lashes back at his father saying, just by lending me your sperms doesn’t make you a father).

It’s about sleepless nights, diapers, potty training, Food habits, teaching them values, reading them stories, playing, helping them with their school work(that includes art and crafts and projects) and many more(trust me there is much more). Things that you never ever think that you will do or rather you can do. Well I had my mom do all my projects for me till 11th grade.

So basically your life goes for a roller coaster ride. It is an ultimate long-term investment. The life as a couple nosedive, getting worse before it gets any better. But in spite of all this, we take that call. Those two lines on your pregnancy kit give you happiness that has no bounds. Because all said and done, it is the most rewarding job of your life (well you can trust me on that as well).

Parenting is actually bringing up your child physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually and financially. We, as parents have an immense influence on our kids. They learn everything from us (good or bad). We till a certain age are their ideals (and then we get replaced by movie stars, superheroes and what not). As they say every coin has two sides. So the other side of it that we should keep in mind is that, kids have their own temperaments and egos. We as parents need to give them the perfect platform to channeling their energies and develop their independence.

I read somewhere on the internet: “parenting is the easiest thing in the world to have an opinion about, but the hardest thing in the world to do”. I for example remember, commenting on the parenting skills of random people I saw at the malls or restaurants, unable to handle their child’s behavior or tantrums. But now that I am in the same situations a lot of times, I realize, how stupid I was. I myself am clueless a lot many times as to what should be done. So basically there is no recipe for parenting. You have to learn all along the way.

So to sum it all, you never stop being a parent. It is a never-ending process. Our child’s whole and soul development depends on us. And yes, we all try our level best to excel at it.

5 thoughts on “Being a parent”

  1. Well put Gayatri. Children are free birds and should be let free to fly rather than putting them in shackles of restriction all the time. I feel we as parents need to learn to be patient as we quickly run out of it when dealing with our little ones. When our mind is in in control, everything is in control.

  2. Good going hon. Keep writing. Girls like us, we are not writers, we just pen down what life teaches us. And I love your story. I’m waiting for more.

  3. Good going hon. Girls like us, we aren’t writers, we just pen down what life teaches us. And I love your story. Waiting to read more from you…

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