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Hair care for that beautiful mane

Who doesnt like to have a beautiful mane. Those pretty curls, beachy waves, straightened or just soft out of the bed hair. Today i will be sharing with you guys my experience with these three hair products that i have been using for quite sometime now. They have been working very well with my hair. And i have a oily scalp and dry lengths kinda hair. So lets get going….


  1. BED HEAD urban anti+dotes recovery conditioner: I got this from the lakme salon as suggested by my hair dresser. It is perfect for dry and damaged tresses. It gives you the apt conditioning as needed. They have a wide range of these conditioners according to the damage level of your hair. This one that i got is damage level 2. Its ingredients are- water, cetearyl alcohol, dimethicone, stearamidopropyl dimethylamine, fragrance, behentrimonium chloride, lactic acid, dipropylene glycol, amodimethicone, potassium chloride, disodium EDTA, DMDM hydantoin, cetrimonium chloride, PEG-7propylheptyl ether, phenoxyethanol, magnesium nitrate, methylchloroisothiazolinone, magnesium chloride, methylisothiazolinone, benzyl benzoate, geraniol, limonene, linalool, blue 1(Cl 42090), yellow 6(Cl 15985). It literally took me 5 minutes to write all of these. It provides great hydration for moisture deprived hair. Gets your stressed out tresses back in action and on the road to recovery. I use this as my daily conditioner and i am very happy with the results. My hair feel smoother and behave themselves. The TURBO HYDRATION molecules present in this boost softness and give this beautiful shine to your hair. The only downside i feel is that it is available only in the lakme salons and not in the market or even online. Otherwise a big yess to this conditioner. Trust me when i say this i havent use any other conditioner on a daily basis since i have got this. So go find a lakme salon near you and grab it!!!
  2. ARGAN HAIR MASK by MAMA EARTH: I am in total awe of this product. I dont have enough words to describe the good it has done for me. I have been facing tremendous hair fall since the past 3 to 4 months. I was so worried. The hair fall was so much that my scalpm was actually visible on the crown area. I use to dread washing or combing my hair as i was losing quite a bunch of hair while doing so. But then one of my friends recommended me this product and God bless her for that. My hair fall has reduced ever since the 2nd use. MY tresses feel more soft and have a really nice bounce to it.This guy here helps reduce hair fall, repairs damaged hair and cleanses and soothes the scalp. Ingredients: purified water, brassica alcohol, brassicamidopropyl dimethylamine, caprylic/ capric triglyceride, hydrolysed collagen, sodium hyaluronate, milk protein, curd extract, argan oil, rosemary oil, cedarwood oil, tea tree oil, sodium citrate & potassium sorbate. It is Pthalates free, mineral oil free, paraben free and SLS free. Wow so much of goodness in one little tub. Specially suitable for post partum hair loss. It has good hydrating and restorative properties. For best results use twice a week. It can be used as a leave in or rinse off conditioner. Apply a generous amount to towel dried clean shampooed damp hair. Using your fingers distribute it evenly throughout beginning at scalp to hair ends. Leave for 5 to 15 minutes and then rinse. And yes i founf the best results when i let the product sit for actually 10 minutes or more. I got mine on Nykaa but it is available on amazon as well. So what are you mommas waiting for. THe best solution for post baby hair loss is here. GO AND GET IT!!!!
  3. STREAX PRO HAIR SERUM VITA GLOSS: Ingredients: cyclopentasiloxane, dimethiconol, light liquid paraffin, octyl methoxy cinnamate, iso propyl myristate, parfum, vitamin E and almond oil. It helps to keep the hair moisturized, shiny and frizz free. Vitamin E and almond oil helps to smoothen rough and damaged hair. And overall improves hair manageability with regular use. It also helps protect the hair from UV damage. I have dry hair along the lengths and this has given me beautiful results in controlling the frizz. It gives results from the very first use. It comes in a pump bottle so its very convenient to use. I need 2 to 3 pumps of the product and i am done for theday. Its effects last for 2 days straight. It is priced at 195 rs for a 100 ml bottle. I got mine on Nykaa but it is available on other shopping sites as well. A big thumbs up from my side for this product. Go get yours soon!!!!

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Pumpkin skin renewal serum and unstretch body oil by Insta_glam_beauty

Do you all believe in magic potions??? Well i didnt till now.. Recently i got my hands on these amazing serums and oils on an instagram store. And they create magic!!!

  1. Pumpkin skin renewal night serum- IMG20180425091842for bright, smooth and firm skin. its active ingredients are pumpkin seed, aloevera extract, rosehip, avocado, jojoba oil, orange oil, vitamin A, B and E. It is to be applied every night before bedtime. It comes with a dropper so it is very easy to apply and has very less contamination chances. how to use it? Well its very simple. JUst cleanse your face like everyday, pat dry it and then with the dropper pour 4 to 5 drops over your face and then massage it in with gentlr circular motions. Thats it!!! Leave it like that overnight. After wakey wakey in the morning just wash it off with your regular face wash. On the bottle it says to use the vitamin C cleanser every morning and dead sea mud mask twice a week for better results. But, i have been using just the serum and it has working pretty good on my skin. I can actually feel my skin improving from within. My face looks bright, is glowing and has attained a fairly even texture. And all this in just 10 days. Yes!!!! Even my acne scars have started to fade away. I know it sounds crazy but you can take my word for it. So please go and get it right now. I am sure that you are going to love it.
  2. Un-stretch- anti stretch mark body oil- IMG_20180425_092119Having 2 kids has gifted me with a lot of stretch marks on my tummy area. And my continued weight loss journey has its marks on my arms and legs. I saw the reviews for this product on the instagram and decided to go for it. Its ingredients are avocado oil, rosehip oil, castor oil, emu oil, cocoa butter, frankincense, lavender, neroli, patchouli, helichrysum, vitamin E. And i do not regret my decision at all. Its been just 10 days and i can already see the marks lightening (especially the red ones). Also i have this burn mark below my belly button and surprisingly the oil has worked for it as well. Overall my skin feels very soft and supple as well.

So a big shout out to this lovely lady who has made these amazing products.. Her store goes by the name insta_glam_beauty on instagram. SO go and grab yours and have a healthy skin…


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Product reviews

Rose, apricot & walnut herbal exfoliating facial scrub by KHADI NATURAL

First things first, it smells great. You will smell more of apricot than the rose and walnut. It has a fairly smooth texture and not too rough. So it feels great on the skin. I have been using this scrub thrice a week in the morning skincare routine and so my review is based on that. I have a combination type of skin, more towards the oily side. However, it is suitable to all skin types.


Its key ingredients are papaya extract, rose water, apricot and walnut shell, vitamin, almond oil, olive oil, butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), Theobroma cacao (coca butter), triticum vulgare (wheatgerm) oil, jojoba oil, aloevera and glycerine. Phew… that’s too many names!!

It claims to remove impurities, polish the skin, protects the skin moisture balance, removes dead skin and thus unclogs your pores. Wow bulls eye!!! It’s like all that an oily skin person would wish for. So, now time for the review…

Let me tell you guys, I am in complete love with this scrub!!!! Yes, its just amazing. Every time I used it and by this, I mean from the very first wash, my skin felt so clean. Like all that dirt never existed. It is one of the best things I have ever used to wake my skin up. It also does a good job in polishing your skin and making it glow. It is very efficient in exfoliating and removing the dead skin. Oh, and all this with maintaining the skin moisture. Your skin will never feel dried out after use. Its too good to be true.

How to use it? Well, first splash some water on that beautiful face. Then pat it dry. Take the desired amount of product and scrub it in circular motions using your fingertips all over your face. And yes avoid around the eye area. Scrub for a good 5 minutes and then wash it off. Follow it up with your toner and daily moisturiser. And you are all sorted!

It is priced at 200 rs for 50 gms. I think it is quite economical as this tub lasted me for more than a month. So, a big yes from my side to this wonderful product. Girls please please please go and try it out and you will not be disappointed.

And yeah, I got mine from Nykaa, but I think it is available on as well.

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