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Tried & tested tips to achieve health goals in 2019 #superbloggerchallenge #instacuppa @instacuppa

I am sure majority of us must have made a list of their new year resolutions. And that most of those lists have weight loss and fitness goals in them. But how many of us are actually able to keep up with these goals? How many end up going to the gym for the entire year and not just for the month of january?

In this post i will be sharing some tried and tested tips that have helped me keep up with my healthy lifestyle goals for the past 8 months.


MOTIVATION- It is very important to stay motivated throughout the fitness journey. One can use diffrent startegies to keep themselves motivated. However, the most powerful motivators that i have found are- some person you want to be like (i remember i had this friend at our last posting who used to never miss the gym even for a day unless and until there is some emergency. I looked at her as my motivation which made sure that i hit the gym everyday); old pictures of your self (pictures from your super skinny days or fitter days. I have one as my phone wallpaper at all times. Everytime i look at it, it reminds me of where i want to be); old clothes/ smaller garment sizes (i have this pair of jeans from my super skinny days. Every couple of months i try it out to reality check where i am and how much more i need to work). You can even as your partner/ friend to keep motivating you every now and then. Even better join support groups.

PLAN- Planning is the next important step. This includes meal plans and exercise plans. Remember we do not want to end up tired and starving. So, jot down a meal plan and exercise routine and follow that. This goes a long way in keeping you on track and not letting go.


GOALS- Remember, you need to have something to look forward to. Something you need to achieve. Also, goals have to be SMART and REALISTIC. Unattainable goals remain unfulfilled and lead to disappointment. Goals need to be small, specific, sustainable, attainable and timely. Always start with small goals. Several small goals will help you achieve one big goal later. For eg, if you aim to drink 3 litres of water a day. Start with drinking 1 litre everyday and slowly and steadily reach the 3 litre mark.

JOURNAL- Note down each and everything that you do during this journey. What you eat, when you ate, how much did you eat, how much did you workout and how many times a week. When you have your daily routine in front of you, you will know where you went wrong and what needs to be changed. This is by far the best way to give you a reality check.

ONE STEP AT A TIME- Note down all that you need to change with your eating and exercise pattern. And start with one change at a time. Too many changes at once wont last longer. Remember slow and steady wins the race.

WATER INTAKE- Adequate water intake is the key to losing weight. The right amount of water intake helps keep up the body:s metabolism. And better the metabolism, better the fat burning. Now, drinking plain water can be boring. I often felt nauseated after drinking too much of water, so opt for detox water or fruit infused water. You can also take juices, buttermilk, coconut water etc, instead on plain water.

Do read my detailed post on detox waters here-

KING SIZE BREAKFAST- Many a times we underestimate the power of a nice breakfast. And by nice i mean a big and healthy breakfast. The right breakfast is very important to keep up your energy levels through out the day and not give you the feeling of starving. Thus, automatically leadin to healthy food choices.


SNACKING- I learnt this the hard way. Few months back there was a time i was so frustrated, because no matter what i tried, i couldnt reach my goal. Something was missing. Thats when i read this post on the effects of snacking. Snacking every couple of hours improves the body’s metabolism and fat burning capacity. It also helps maintain the blood sugar levels and prevents hunger. Eat 5 to 6 smaller meals than 3 big meals. More the gap between two meals. Mpre you feel starved and reach out to sugary snacks. Snacking on healthy options will avoid all of this and will keep you satiated. It prevents the body from going into starvation mode.

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CONSISTENCY- Remember, no matter what diet and exercise routine you follow, inconsistency will lead you nowehere. Being consistent is the key to this whle journey. Even if its a 5 km walk, but do it each and everyday without fail. Also, keep changing your workouts every few weeks. Once your body gets used to a certain workout, it wont respong to it further. so keep challenging your body and yourself.

REWARD SUCCESS- Reward yourself after achieving every small goal. Rewards might be a cheat meal (cheat meal not a chaet day), or a movie date, or some retail therapy. whatever makes you happy. Positive reinforcement is very very important tp keep up your spirits.

All these above mentioned tips have been personally tried and followed by me, so i can vouch for each one of them. These things have helped me keep up with my fitness game.



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