Essence of being a woman & a SAHM..


because… it gives me the opportunity to play so many roles in a lifetime. It gives me the self confidence that whatever I do is for the good. It gives me the power to make my own choices and to believe in & stand up for myself.

Being a woman is divine. It is a god’s gift and i truly & completely appreciate that. I am proud of the person that I am. I feel so happy about how far i have come from within. I thank god to give me the strength to be a good human being at all times. I cherish the real me & unique me. And I love the bright & shiny inner me.

I am responsible and take my own decisions. My life My choices- I have the confidence to lead and not just follow. I embrace my feminity as it is. Too thin or too fat do not define me. I am strong and powerful. Never challenge my strength. I can life 50 kgs at the gym as efficiently as the family’s emotional load. As i read somewhere ” Women have a great natural and at time supernatural ability to sustain & uphold, to encourage & carry on. Women are healers & nurturers, and answer & salve to the man’s strength and violence, a softness in reply to the rough hardness of men”.


My intuition is stronger than any man- because i am sensitive & i can connect. I possess the ability to love and care for anyone & everyone and to be loved back too. I am proud of all the roles that i play in my life- a doting daughter, caring sister, a dedicated wife and a responsible mother. But the role that gives me immense joy and satisfaction is the role i play as a mother. Like many of you, I never thought of myself as just a housewife and mother. I was very much certain that my career will be the greater part of my identity. But today, I realise and I know for sure that being a SAHM (stay-at-home-mother) is by far the best decision i have made.

So lets bust some myths about being a SAHM.

  1. First of all, and the most important- IT WASN’T A COMPROMISE OR SACRIFICE ( as many of my friends, who are concentrating more on their careers think it is). It would come as a surprise and shock to all of them that “I CHOSE MY KIDS OVER MY CAREER”. For me, spending quality & quantity time with them is more important at this point of time. I believe, a child needs its mother the most in the initial years and I decided to give my children all the time they needed. Some might even judge me as being conservative or old fashioned. But hey! that doesnt bother me. I know what works best for my family. download (1)
  2. No me time- Infact, staying at home gives me more time for myself than i had when i was working (another shocker right? Yes, i was working after my elder kid turned 3 years old. Yes, i enjoyed my work and yes. But as they say you cannot have it all. Working 8 hours a day didnt leave me with enough time for my child and she made sure to show that. So, when i conceived the second time, the decision was mad). Now, whenever my kids are napping or out playing or with their dad, thats all me time. I can do whatever i want to and trust me it helps keep me sane.
  3. Financially dependent- Well, i wouldnt call myself financially dependent. Yes, maybe i do not earn as much as my husband (Yes, do make some money through my blog), but my husband has never made me feel as if i am dependent on him. It is me who takes all the decisions regarding the household, the kids etc. He has never questioned me regarding any of that and that itself gives me the feeling of being independent. I am in- charge of the household finances. download (2)
  4. Less challenges- Let me tell you, blogging is very challenging. You need to visible in the social world, and that takes a lot of effort. I have a dedicated corner in my house for my blogging work and yes we do have deadlines as well. But unlike many, i have the added advantage of working from my own comfort zone and according to my wish. And most importantly, i get to follow my passion- which many of us cant and sometimes it takes a back seat as a hobby.

In a nutshell, Being a SAHM is a large part of my identity as a woman. And ai am glad that i get to give it my 100% and that I get to do my job efficiently and with pleasure.

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“It takes someone really brave to be a mother, someone strong to raise a child and someone special to love someone more than herself- and thats what defines a MOTHER and a WOMAN”.

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