It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 30 other bloggers are celebrating Women’s Day with a twist.
I thank Revati bhushan who blogs at http://www.mommysmusings.in for introducing me. She is a soft skills trainer turned blogger and enjoys being a SAHM.

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I believe, self love is the most important form of love. To me loving yourself means appreciating your capabilities, knowing your worth and accepting your flaws. It is to cater to your own needs, to realise your strengths & weaknesses, to chase your dreams and to forgive yourself for your mistakes & failures.

Flashback to the time, when people told my mom that she should have looked at herself more in the mirror during her pregnancy so that i would have better features (i was born dark with a flat nose you see). Some even teased her that the nurse exchanged her baby at the hospital.

For the major part of my school life, i have had friends tell me that i shouldnt wear bright colours as they do not suit my dusky complexion. That i shouldnt wear skirts and dresses because that didnt suit my fat body. That i should have a certain haircut because it makes my face look leaner. Peer pressure strikes you bad. The fear of being left out makes you do things that you do not want to. I stopped wearing bright colours, jeans and t- shirts were all that i wore. My mom has always tried to instill self love in me, but all i could say to her was that my choices had changed.

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Fast forward to college life, which is even harder. Its like all that people do is judge you. They continuosly criticize you. Thats when i realised that people are <em>double dholki</em>. They are going to say things no matter what. And that they are never going to love me, whatsoever happens. I was at a constant battle inside. I was unhappy, sad and frustrated and that had to change. Thats when i understood the meaning and importance of self love.

You give so much love to everyone around, give some to yourself too. Accept yourself- others wont and do not need to. Love yourself the way you want others to love you. You will give love only if you have love within you.

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I know, i am not perfect, I know i have flaws and i know that i make mistakes. But I also know that, thats how God wanted me to be and I love myself for all of that. I love my flaws, because they give me a reason to improve. I love making mistakes, which means i have a chance to correct them. To you, i may be fat, but to me I am curvy. And I love my body as it is. It is nature’s handiwork and I dont want to critique that.


5 most effective ways to practise self love:

Working out- invest in your body. Eat right, exercise enough and polish that masterpiece created by god. When you spend so much time on your body, you can hardly hate it. Oh and working out gives you great skin too.

Reflect- look back on your achievements. All those certificates and trophies you won in school, college etc. Remind yourself you are all of that. Surround yourself with people who will remind you of all those things. Be with people who bring you joy.

Self- Praise- Stand in front of the mirror first thing in the morning and say 2 good things about yourself. Trust me you will have a happy day. Trust yourself that you can sail through and survive the difficult times.

No comparison- Never ever compare yourself to others. You are two different individuals, you are meant to have different personalities. You are you, and thats your super- power.

Me time- take yourself out on a date, catch a movie with yourself, splurge on clothes and be the foodie that you are. For once, make yourself a priority and see the magic happen.

You know what myfavourite quote is?

“I love you, but I love me more. I have been in a relationship with myself for 49 years and thats the one i need to focus on”.. – Samantha Jones from SATC

Here’s a few lines from me:

love yourself for who you are, and not what others want you to be.

love your inner self, and not just the outer you that people see.

Know your strengths, know your worth,

There is a reason, you have taken birth.

Love yourself so fiercely

that you do not need someone else to love you…

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