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Painless periods courtsey Sirona India


@sironaindia has come up with this awesome and much needed product for us women.
Remember the first time you got your period. I am sure everyone does. But more than the period itself, i cannot forget the painful cramps that came along. These hampered a lot of activities in school, like sports. I mean people used to automatically come to know that a girl was on her period.

But now no more. @sironaindia has made sure that these pains do not come in the way of your daily life. They are super easy to wear. Swipe to see the patch and to wewr it. Can be easily worn under your dress, to office, to school and even at night. Yes, i have tried wearing it thru the night and it relieves the pain pretty well.

✅This is an 100% herbal product with no side effects.
✅The menthol and eucalyptus oil in it give instant relief from pain by relaxing the muscles.

✅It can be applied over the lower abdomen and lower back area to relieve cramps.

❌Not to be used over the eyes, face and open wounds.

✅Dry the area before applying. One to two patches can be used in a day, as it provides relief for upto 12 hours.

✅If applied on hairy part, remove using hot water.

✅Dispose in the bin after use. 👍Trust me when i say that this was one of the very few times that i slept peacefully through the night during my period.

@sironaindia (Menstrual and intimate hygiene range) Is one of the many brands by First Step Digital Pvt. ltd.. The menstrual cup that you see in the pic is also by sirona india.
Check out their other brands @peebuddyindia @bodyguard_india For their entire range of toilet & hygiene range and Protection & Wellness range for kids.

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