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Simple brain training games for 2 to 8 year olds.. (i mean your kids) can never have enough of them. Every other day there is a new toy in the market and they want it. I have always preferred books over toys (even as a child myself). But over these past 7 years as a parent I have realized that apart from entertainment, toys… Continue reading Simple brain training games for 2 to 8 year olds..

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Motherhood- A teacher..

Being a mother is the most non- comparable feeling. I became a mom when i was 24. Yet those two pink lines were scary. I clearly remember it was a thursday morning when i took my last test (i had taken almost 4 to 5 tests the previous day, with each test giving me a… Continue reading Motherhood- A teacher..

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I have been a regular user of @sironaindia products. And finally they have come up with their much needed travel friendly range of products for us women. So no more worries of using public toilets, excessive vaginal perspiration or bad odour in your intimate parts. Check out my review of 3 of these products here.… Continue reading HYGIENE ON THE GO

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Your future depends on your dreams, so go to sleep!!!

Sleep training your kids is one of the tough parts of being a parent. We all know adequate sleep is very important for proper functioning of the mind and body both. Inadequate sleep leads to irritability, attention difficulties and behavioural issues. The kids feel sleepy the entire next day in school and feel lazy and… Continue reading Your future depends on your dreams, so go to sleep!!!


Disciplining- Punishment or Training???

Disciplining a child is to teach them how to and how not to behave. It is an integral part of being a parent. It is a long term goal. I personally feel disciplining should be more of training the child and not punishing him/ her. Every parent on this planet will admit to yelling/ spanking… Continue reading Disciplining- Punishment or Training???