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I have been a regular user of @sironaindia products. And finally they have come up with their much needed travel friendly range of products for us women. So no more worries of using public toilets, excessive vaginal perspiration or bad odour in your intimate parts.

Check out my review of 3 of these products here.


– pH balanced
– No alcohol content
– Hypoallergenic
– Fruit and aloe vera extracts provide refreshed and moisturized feeling
– Ideal for intimate areas (under arms, breast and bikini area)
– Wipes are made up of ultra smooth fibre, thus gentle on the skin
– Just peel the seal, pull out a wipe, and re seal to avoid moisture loss
– Packaging is perfect size to be carried along in your purse
– Each wipe is to be used only once in a front to back motion
– Keep away from children
– Not to be used on open wounds or rashes and infections
– Do not store in a hot place or under sunlight as it may cause drying up of the wipes
– Avoid contact with eyes
– Do not flush
– In case of irritation, discontinue use


– Paper based, flushable and biodegradable toilet seat covers
– Take out the cover from the packet, tear the central flap, place it on the seat with the flap hanging inside on the seat and pee in peace, without the worry of germs and unhygienic toilets.
– Either flush them down or dispose off in the bin
– Perfect for public toilets and while travelling
– Convenient to use, pocket friendly and eco friendly


– Ultra thin with soft and breathable surface
– Anion chip with anti- bacterial properties
– Ideal for urinary incontinence, white discharge and low flow days during the menstrual cycle and vaginal perspiration (especially in summers)
– Multi layer protection provides faster absorption and prevents side leakage
– Just peel off the adhesive strip, place it on the I side of the panty and be free of any wet feeling for upto 8 hours
– Absorption capacity 12 to 15 ml

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