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Coming Round the Mountain- Ruskin Bond

This book is the third one in his series of short stories. It is a look into the past, based in the year 1947. Ruskin shares with us life during his schooldays. It revolves around Ruskin and his 3 other friends, altogether known as ‘The Fearsome Four’. This book is mainly about friendship, the country’s freedom and its division and the corresponding changes everywhere.
The following are my favourite lines from the book

It had been a momentous year- a year full of incident, of friendships won and lost, of memorable hockey and football matches, of tunnels and canings, of the coming of Independence, Partition and of the school in turmoil. And now suddenly there was a calm, an autumnal calm, as if the elements themselves were tired of all this human excitement and wanted to slow things down with soft breezes and fewer hours of daylight“.

Do give this a read. I am surely buying the other 2 books from the series.

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