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SUPER DUPER PROPULSION CAR “SPEED THROUGH THE STREETS THROUGH YOUR AIR POWERED CAR.” @smartivitylabs Has been our favourite ever since we won our first kit in a giveaway. It was a rocket launcher. The second prize we won was a kaliedoscope. And now @smartivitylabs Thanks for sending us this awesome project.

What i really like about the kit is:
👍Super easy to understand instructions.
👍Perfectly rounded wooden parts.
👍Easy to assemble.
👍Re-usable. Can be dismantled and used over and over again. The parts are of great quality, so they wont break.

👍Engaging activities. It took us just about half an hour to build, but post that it kept my almost 7 year old busy for about an hour. She was so excited to see and learn the pneumatic power mechanism. She even asked me why cant our cars run the similar way, would reduce so much pollution (the recent topic in school).
👍Non-toxic and safe for children.

👍Helps in building the spatial awareness, cognitive & analytical skills and creativity.
👍Comes with a cue card explaining the action & reaction, elasticity and speed mechanisms.

@smartivitylabs kit tops our list of FAVOURITE DIY kits.

Once again, thank you so much for making such amazing and engaging diy’s for the kids. Totally helps in reducing their screen time and fuels their imagination and creativity.

Click on the link 👇To get yours. And do checkout their other amazing diy kits.

Smartivity Super Duper Propulsion Car

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DIY/ Craft, Parenthood, Product reviews


Xplorabox is a educational activity subscription box for kids 2 to 8 years old.
This is a theme based box with fun, exciting and easy to do projects, diy’s and a story book.

✅The various activities aim at developing the motor, social and cognitive skills of the child.

👉We received a box for the age group 6 to 8 years old and the theme was SPACE ADVENTURE.

👉The activities in our box are-
1. Aliens face race (2 player game)
2. Space ball (2 player game)
3. Space path game (DIY activity)
4. Create your telescope (DIY activity)
5. Story book- A space adventure

✅The instructions for each game and activity is super easy to understand. So much so that the other day my almost 7 year old (4 months to go) did the space path activity on her own the other day.

✅Each activity helps in learning various things. For example, the space path activity taught her the names of the planets and that Saturn has rings and also about magnets.

🤗The product quality is good as well.

🤗These activities keep the child engaged for quite some time. So lesser screen time.

🤗We really loved the space ball game. Infact I was more interested in tossing the ball into the holes. And mind you its not easy.

🤗The alien face game is another favourite. It helps develop observation skills, hand eye coordination, motor and cognitive skills. All you need is good observation skills and quick eyes to win the game.

🤗The telescope did need a little help from our side, but mostly she did it on her own.

Overall I loved the box.

Ever since I have had my younger one, I haven’t been able to prepare DIY’s for my elder one. And whenever I do, giving her the needed time becomes difficult sometimes. This box is a savior in these situations. No prepping plus she can do it on her own.
I have found this to be a great way to keep her busy.
Good work xplorabox !!

To get yours click on this 👇 link

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