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Kids winter fashion- Part 1

Slay it in this super cute @cherrycrumblecalifornia Coat.

Just when mom was looking for winter fashion for me, we received this beautiful coat from @cherrycrumblecalifornia

😻 First and formost, the feel is great. So soft and so comfortable as well. I feel so cozy wearing this coat.

😻 The colour is beautiful. Perfect for the rainy weather. I love styling fluoroscent colours during the rains.

😻 It has a proper lining on the inside, so it is soft on the skin. It isnt itchy like many others i have tried on before. Mom had to convince me to remove it before my lunch so as to avoid any spilling.

😻 The coat is perfect for this slightly changing and chilly weather. And I have already decided what to layer it on coming winters. It has a hood as well which fits pretty well. I love hooded jackets.

😻 It has 3 zipper pockets which adds on the classic look. Plus lots of space to stuff things without mommy knowing about it.

😻 Would look great on denims and trousers and leggings as well. But since I have bruised my knees in the school yesterday, i was a little reluctant to wear my jeans and so mom let me choose this dress.

😻 Thank you @cherrycrumblecalifornia For this beautiful addition to my coat and jacket collection.

😻 You all can also get your hands on many such amazing pieces. Check out their instagram page.

Plus they have also launched their Winter 2018 collection on Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong and Myntra.

So what are you waiting for, go now!!! #productreview #kidsfashion #kidsofinstagram #fashionablekids #kidsclothing #winter2018 #musthaves

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Falling in love with yourself.

Every time we talk about love, we think about loving someone or something. A friend, fiancé, spouse, parents, books, a place, a dish, sunsets, sunrises and the list is endless. But how often is it that we think about loving our own selves? Is loving someone else easier than falling in love with yourself?

It is thought of that finding the right partner completes us, he/she fills that empty space in our hearts and rids us of our problems. But when we come to think of it, it’s the exact opposite. You yourself have to do all of that.

So what Does loving thyself mean? Is it about the looks or is it about Your nature?

To me, loving yourself means appreciating your capabilities, knowing your worth and accepting your flaws. It is to cater to our own needs and not wait for someone else to do that. It is to realize your strengths and weaknesses, chase your dreams and to forgive yourself for your mistakes and failures. For once. Make yourself a priority.

As Samantha Jones from SATC said- “I love you..But I love me more. I have been in a relationship with myself for 49 years and that’s the one I need to work one.”

Here’s a list of ways that might make you fall in love with yourself.

Working out: Yes! You heard it right. Personally, I have never been comfortable in my body. I have always been on the heavier side (thanks to the hormones and genetics). I would always want to wear clothes from all the aisles in the mall. But more than half of the times, they didn’t fit me. I have been through the worst phase of PCOD too (it just added on to all of that). Working out is not just about burning calories, it is about investing time in yourself. Work on yourself, develop a healthy lifestyle, have healthy food. I mean, how can you not love yourself when you are taking such good care of “U”.

Look back on your achievements: Take out your old certificates and trophies and remind yourself of what you are capable of. It will give you that feeling, no one or nothing else can.

Maintain a diary/journal: Its like talking to yourself. Everyday write something nice about yourself. One positive character in you. Note down your daily achievements. It might be as Simple as completing your to do list. But that will definitely make you pat your back and feel proud of yourself.

No comparison: Never compare yourself to others. Every one faces a different set of challenges. And so different failures and successes. Never think of yourself to be less than the other person.

Self trust: This is very very important. We all dislike people who lie to us or let us down. But knowingly or unknowingly, we often do that to ourselves. Trust yourself, trust your judgement, your decision, trust yourself that you can sail through this difficult time. Remind yourself of times you have done that in the past. Be true to yourself.

Pamper yourself: Go to the spa, go shopping. Dress up, put some makeup on and take yourself for a movie/ dinner date. If you look good to yourself, you are more likely to fall in love with “U”. It is absolutely OK to splurge and indulge in yourself once in a while. This is a great way to show yourself some love. Something you will be glad about later. I had this friend who used to go the mall, try on some clothes in the trial room, take pictures and feel happy. Sometimes you just need to step out, get some fresh air, clear your head and remind yourself of who you are and what you wanna be.

Hobbies: Work on things you like to do. This is a great way to spend some quality ‘me’ time and concentrate on yourself. When you do something you love, you will definitely love the person doing it.

Surround yourself with positive people: Declutter. Just remove all the negativity from your life. People, things, unwanted stuff. Be with people who uplift you, who know you for the good in you. People who have been with you through your past achievements, and who can remind you about your capabilities and capacities. These people are your mirrors. Look at yourself through their eyes.

Improvement: Work on things you have wanted to improve. Like losing weight, getting fit, drinking more water in a day, eat healthy, not losing your temper, saying yes to everything and everyone, planning your day. It might be anything, depends from person to person. Remind yourself of the end result and how it is going to make you a better person.

Do a noble cause: Doing something for the society like a charity or blood donation will Definitely give you a feel good feeling about yourself.

Me time: go on a solo trip, sit back and relax with that cuppa, read a book.

Let go of the past: The more you hold on to it, the more you poison yourself.

Be adventurous: Do things out of your comfort zone, something you have never tried before or never even thought of. You will get to know yourself more. And it definitely will be positive.

Loving yourself is very important for a happy you. And a happy you is mandatory for building happy relationships and a happier life. You deserve the kind of love you would give to someone else.

“To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong relationship”- Oscar Wilde


Brahma kamal / The Lotus of Lord Brahma


This flower is considered to be magical and rare. It is the most revered flower of the Himalayas. This flower blooms in the monsoon season (June to September). Also, it blooms only once in a year or a couple of years. Anyone who sees this flower bloom is considered LUCKY!! The myth says that the wishes of the person who sees it blooming come true. The plant must be planted before winters and it needs lots of indirect sunshine and a very fertile but rocky soil. It needs very little water. Over watering may cause water clogging and it may die. As the scientific name suggests Saussurea obvallata, it is actually a type of cactus. It is often applied on bruises and cuts, and is also used in treating cerebral ischemia and paralysis of the limbs. Also it smells heavenly. However this flower blooms only for a couple of hours and that too only at night. Also you can cut the leaf of the plant and just replant it.


This flower here has taught me my biggest life lesson “To enjoy the small joys of life”. It has made me realize that real happiness isn’t something big, but numerous small things. These might me everyday things like, the first rains, a nice meal, your baby’s smile or even a new book. It is these small things that make our life worth living. Many a times we lose or let go of these small treasures in search of the bigger happiness. These little details are vital. They make big things happen.

Joy comes to us in ordinary moments, we risk missing out when we get too busy, chasing down the extraordinary – Brene Brown


Life lessons courtsey motherhood

Motherhood is amazing, eye opening, challenging and completely transformational. We moms are badass. We have superhuman powers. We can multitask like no one can. Have 10 things on my to do list. Just give me an hour and i will do 15. Our thinking capability triples up after having a baby. Anyways on a serious note, here is what being a mother has taught me. Or lets say “life lessons motherhood has taught me”.

Strength– i never knew that i was capable of bearing the pain that childbirth had to offer. I never knew i could function properly even after not being able to sleep for 2 days. Never thought running after the kids would be so tiring, let alone being able to do it. That’s not all. What about the emotional and mental strength? Motherhood has surely given me the reality check. Who i really am and what all i can deal with.

Appreciate the small things– we always think that the big life achievements like getting a job, buying a house or car are the most defining life moments. But we forget that the small everyday joys are much more meaningful than the bigger ones. Running after the next big goal or prize, there is no end to it. Just stop for a while, take a deep breath, enjoy the moment you are in, take in all that it has to offer and then move on to the next. The small joys that your children give you, The milestones they achieve, that one smile in the entire day. Even losing that 1 kilo on my weighing scale makes me jump with joy. This is life. These tiny moments is what makes it worth it. Soak them in, and don’t let them slip away.

Patience– i have always been a patient person. But motherhood has always put my patience limits to test. The end result- even more patience. Both my kids test my patience levels everyday, but i don’t budge. I have learnt ways to calm me down. And that really helps in keeping me happy and the household happy as well.

The unnoticed me time– before having kids, all the time i had was ‘me time’. But i never appreciated that time. Now that mommying leaves me with hardly any ‘me time’, i finally appreciate all that time now. Nowadays even going to the nearby grocery store alone is like wow. How i miss having tamed eyebrows and body hair. Visiting a salon has become a luxury nowadays. Finally i have come to appreciate even 15 minutes of me time that i get now. It might even be sitting in the loo scrolling on instagram. It’s necessary to keep me sane.

Accepting failure and forgiveness– in this motherhood journey, failure and success go hand in hand. I fail everyday and I succeed everyday. Motherhood is a trial and error journey i feel. When you fail 10 times, you succeed once. I make mistakes everyday and then i learn from them. But the unconditional love i get from my kids, makes it all worth it. Being a mommy has made me realise my flaws. It brings me face to face with my mistakes everyday. But you know what, we all make mistakes. Parenting is a ever learning process. I don’t need to feel bad about it. Definitely make them but forgive myself and learn from them.

Balance– Mom guilt! Some Things are going to take a backseat, let them. Don’t try to juggle all the balls at the same time. Let one of them fall. Trying to balance everything, makes me miserable and tired. Its ok if i don’t do the laundry one day or if i take the shortcut way to cooking. It’s better to do lesser things efficiently than making a mess of all of them.


Children and food. The never ending fight.

We mothers fret a lot when it comes to feeding our children with all the nutritious food we can. It starts from the age of 6 months when we introduce them to the food world to teaching them how to hold a spoon and how to eat.

Read my post here 👇 on how and what helped me and what didnt in this journey of ours.


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When those 2 pink lines make you nervous

Checking for pregnancyThe other day one of my friend was telling me that she wants to have a baby because everyone around her is having one. And my instant reaction was No!!!! She was like what’s the matter with you? Who so ever I told about my decision is happy, why not you? And I said “have a baby only when you are prepared for it”, all this talk took me back to my first pregnancy. And today I will be sharing it with you all.

So, this was in June 2011, around 6 months after we got married. We got married on 25th December 2010. I had just gotten over with my post graduate (PG) first year final exams. We were watching some movie on the TV sipping on our beers. There was this sanitary napkin advertisement running on it. And suddenly I realised, I had not got my chums that month. I checked my calendar on the phone and there was no entry there as well. And here’s the conversation that followed.

Me: I didn’t get my chums this month.

Hubby: you must have got them. Maybe you forgot in the exam stress.

Me: no, I checked my calendar. Its not there. My chums visit date to date on time.

Hubby: maybe they are late because of the exam stress and all.

Me: but I am almost 15 days late.

Hubby: you are over reacting. Let’s wait for a week. I am sure you will get them, don’t panic.

Me: OK (still doubting).

A week later, me: still no sign of them. I am sure I am pregnant!!

Hubby: OK. Let’s do the test.

Because of all the anxiety and nervousness, I bought 5 test kits (to be extra sure you know and of different brands as well). Test 1 was negative (a sigh of relief), test 2 was positive (shit!!), test 3 and 4 gave error. Finally, did test 5 with the first sample in the morning and it was positive. I clearly remember it was a Thursday morning and we were hustling to get ready for office and work. Still unsure of what just happened, I called my mum.

Me: mum, what you doing? I got to talk to you.

Mum: I am getting ready for work. What happened?

Me: I think I am pregnant!

Mum: what? Congratulations!! Such a great news that too on a Thursday.

Me: I am nervous. What will I do now?

Mum: don’t worry let’s meet in the evening and talk.

Me: OK mum. Bye!

As I had to rush to college, I didn’t call anyone else. An hour after reaching college, I got a congratulatory call from my dad and in-laws. And all I could say was ‘thank you’.

All of this seems to be so happy and perfect right? But in all this no one knew what I was feeling and going through. As I mentioned earlier I was doing my PG. I was about to start with my final year. I had to start working on my dissertation. My college, patients, presentations, this was all I was prepared for. These were the things I had on my mind. This was what I was prepared for. Not a baby!

After all this happened, I didn’t attend college for almost 2 weeks. I didn’t know how to face my colleagues and teachers. Or rather I didn’t want to face them. I was so unsure of everything. Soon enough we went to a doctor and my pregnancy was confirmed. And then followed many more congratulatory messages. I used to just sit at home and do nothing. I was behaving as if something bad had happened to me. I was behaving as if I was sick. Maybe it was because of the severe nausea and vomiting that I had. I had become lethargic and dull.

When it comes to a woman’s pregnancy, everyone around is more focussed on the physical well being of the mother and her baby. But what about the psychological and emotional aspect of it? No one really talks to the woman what she is going through psychologically. I remember having crying spells for no reason at all. I was constantly anxious about how my life and routine would change after having a baby? Will I be able to appear and clear my final exams? Or will I have to appear 6 months later. In short, I was not prepared for this big life change. And by this I am not referring to the physical preparedness and health part, I am talking about the mental health and psychological aspect of it. I was not prepared for people to see me puking every now and then. I didn’t want my colleagues and teachers to feel that I was incapable of fulfilling some of my duties because I was pregnant. All these thoughts kept me disturbed, I was behaving weird. On the outside, people thought everything was fine. But in reality, it and I wasn’t.

Pregnancy is a phase full of changes and challenges. It is the time when you and your partner have to confront each other’s fears and expectations. It is the time to decide your parenting style. In the first trimester, the psychological changes may not be seen, but they are significant. There is this constant feeling of anxiety and nervousness. The nausea and vomiting you suffer from, just add on to all of this. There is this constant fear of losing your baby. I was going through all of that and no one knew about it. In fact, I never spoke to anyone for the fear of being judged and being over dramatic. Finally as I entered my second trimester, things got better and I decided to take control of my life. I started staying happy and positive.

The first trimester is more about psychological changes than physical changes. These include mood swings, anxiety. Everything happening is new for a mother. She and her body are going through a lot of changes and they need time and support to adjust to all of it. Though she knows all of this is normal, but it is difficult to function well with all these lingering feelings. We undergo depression and crying spells for no reason at all, we get angry for small and insignificant things. But all this is out of control. Thanks to those bloody hormones! In some cases, this increased stress might even lead to miscarriages. As we enter the second trimester, we are more relieved as we get habitual to all the changes. But the one added thing now is being forgetful. Not just that, we become disorganized as well. And to add to all of this, are the physical changes that are equally significant and visible now. All the weight gain makes us self-conscious. This might also be accompanied by skin breakouts and hair fall. Though the happy part starts now. We can feel the baby kick and move around. And finally, it all sinks in. The third and final trimester is all about the wait. The constant feeling of losing one’s baby disappears and we eagerly start waiting for the arrival of the new one. We start worrying about the birth and labor. Now is the time to start working on the birth plan and everything needed for the baby’s arrival.

So you see there is so much going on inside of us, the outside world has little/ no clue about. A lot of people are not even open to discussing all these issues. Well, again these might be normal, but for someone facing them and that too for the first time, these are issues. Uhh… did I drift away from the topic? Well maybe. But all these things are important and should be addressed.

Not being ready for a pregnancy maybe due to an unplanned pregnancy (like mine) and family pressure (for them your biological clock is ticking away), rape (well we cant overlook this cause), sexual activity without the use of contraception. But girl, if you are really not up for it do talk to your doctor about what can be done? In my case, I didn’t have that choice as I have had a history of PCOD and so we didn’t want to take chances with it.

To sum it all have a baby only and only when you are ready for it and because others feel that you are ready for it. It’s a big life change and that too not a easy one. So sign up for it, only when you are 100 % sure about it.

Just to help you all a little. Here is a list of few things that helped me deal with all of my issues:

  1. Counselling
  2. Taking extra rest
  3. Meditation
  4. Talking to your friend
  5. Talking to your spouse
  6. Regular walks and exercise
  7. Music

That’s all from me for now.

Bbye and take care.

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Normal delivery vs C-sec

Normal delivery or caesarean section. What is the more preferable way of childbirth. Read my experiences here.


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Talking about death and loss


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Hair care for that beautiful mane

Who doesnt like to have a beautiful mane. Those pretty curls, beachy waves, straightened or just soft out of the bed hair. Today i will be sharing with you guys my experience with these three hair products that i have been using for quite sometime now. They have been working very well with my hair. And i have a oily scalp and dry lengths kinda hair. So lets get going….


  1. BED HEAD urban anti+dotes recovery conditioner: I got this from the lakme salon as suggested by my hair dresser. It is perfect for dry and damaged tresses. It gives you the apt conditioning as needed. They have a wide range of these conditioners according to the damage level of your hair. This one that i got is damage level 2. Its ingredients are- water, cetearyl alcohol, dimethicone, stearamidopropyl dimethylamine, fragrance, behentrimonium chloride, lactic acid, dipropylene glycol, amodimethicone, potassium chloride, disodium EDTA, DMDM hydantoin, cetrimonium chloride, PEG-7propylheptyl ether, phenoxyethanol, magnesium nitrate, methylchloroisothiazolinone, magnesium chloride, methylisothiazolinone, benzyl benzoate, geraniol, limonene, linalool, blue 1(Cl 42090), yellow 6(Cl 15985). It literally took me 5 minutes to write all of these. It provides great hydration for moisture deprived hair. Gets your stressed out tresses back in action and on the road to recovery. I use this as my daily conditioner and i am very happy with the results. My hair feel smoother and behave themselves. The TURBO HYDRATION molecules present in this boost softness and give this beautiful shine to your hair. The only downside i feel is that it is available only in the lakme salons and not in the market or even online. Otherwise a big yess to this conditioner. Trust me when i say this i havent use any other conditioner on a daily basis since i have got this. So go find a lakme salon near you and grab it!!!
  2. ARGAN HAIR MASK by MAMA EARTH: I am in total awe of this product. I dont have enough words to describe the good it has done for me. I have been facing tremendous hair fall since the past 3 to 4 months. I was so worried. The hair fall was so much that my scalpm was actually visible on the crown area. I use to dread washing or combing my hair as i was losing quite a bunch of hair while doing so. But then one of my friends recommended me this product and God bless her for that. My hair fall has reduced ever since the 2nd use. MY tresses feel more soft and have a really nice bounce to it.This guy here helps reduce hair fall, repairs damaged hair and cleanses and soothes the scalp. Ingredients: purified water, brassica alcohol, brassicamidopropyl dimethylamine, caprylic/ capric triglyceride, hydrolysed collagen, sodium hyaluronate, milk protein, curd extract, argan oil, rosemary oil, cedarwood oil, tea tree oil, sodium citrate & potassium sorbate. It is Pthalates free, mineral oil free, paraben free and SLS free. Wow so much of goodness in one little tub. Specially suitable for post partum hair loss. It has good hydrating and restorative properties. For best results use twice a week. It can be used as a leave in or rinse off conditioner. Apply a generous amount to towel dried clean shampooed damp hair. Using your fingers distribute it evenly throughout beginning at scalp to hair ends. Leave for 5 to 15 minutes and then rinse. And yes i founf the best results when i let the product sit for actually 10 minutes or more. I got mine on Nykaa but it is available on amazon as well. So what are you mommas waiting for. THe best solution for post baby hair loss is here. GO AND GET IT!!!!
  3. STREAX PRO HAIR SERUM VITA GLOSS: Ingredients: cyclopentasiloxane, dimethiconol, light liquid paraffin, octyl methoxy cinnamate, iso propyl myristate, parfum, vitamin E and almond oil. It helps to keep the hair moisturized, shiny and frizz free. Vitamin E and almond oil helps to smoothen rough and damaged hair. And overall improves hair manageability with regular use. It also helps protect the hair from UV damage. I have dry hair along the lengths and this has given me beautiful results in controlling the frizz. It gives results from the very first use. It comes in a pump bottle so its very convenient to use. I need 2 to 3 pumps of the product and i am done for theday. Its effects last for 2 days straight. It is priced at 195 rs for a 100 ml bottle. I got mine on Nykaa but it is available on other shopping sites as well. A big thumbs up from my side for this product. Go get yours soon!!!!

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