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Cause that’s perfect to me..

It brings me immense pleasure to share that I, along with 30 other bloggers are celebrating Women’s Day with a twist.
I thank Revati bhushan who blogs at for introducing me. She is a soft skills trainer turned blogger and enjoys being a SAHM.

I would also take the opportunity to introduce Pamela Sarkar who blogs at She is efficiently juggling being a full time mom and a blogger as well.

Our society presents and views the physical body in a particular way. Their definition of perfection is what we see on social media. That satiny flawless skin, zero figure, the perfect haircut and hair colour and all that wide range of clothes. Many of us end up comparing ourselves to whatever we see on the TV, and the most common comparison being the shape and size of the body. Whenever we glance through the magazines or even look at our friends/ neighbours, we think that is how i want to be. And we set “that” as our goal.

#bodypositivity was a movement started with the goal that all humans should have a positive body image. The goal of the movement is to address the unrealistic beauty standards and build the confidence of oneself and others. It focuses on self- acceptance, beauty and self- esteem. Seeing all those models makes us lose our self- confidence and we end up not loving ourselves as much as we should and not accepting our physical traits.

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I believe there is a very thin line between working on correcting your flaws and changing yourself completely. You should definitely work on losing all the extra weight that you have, but you cannot change your body structure. Anatomy is permanent. I feel sad for girls who get ‘n’ number of cosmetic surgeries done and go to extremes like rib removal to look like what, A DOLL? I mean thats a doll, its not real. People inject their lips with what not, because they want them look like a particular hero/ heroine.

YOU ARE YOU AND THATS WHAT MAKES YOU UNIQUE. Since when have we forgotten THAT!!!! You were born to be real and not perfect. And who decides the definition of perfection? To me perfection is just a myth. What is perfect to me might not be to you and vice versa. Doesnt mean we change ourselves because the other thinks otherwise.


Having toned abs is cool,

No abs? even cool.

A perkier butt gets a wow,

a smaller butt? not cool, but how?

Perfect curves, and perfectly lean

smirking at something otherwise..So mean!!

Everyone has flaws and everyone is imperfect. Wouldnt we be gods if we were so perfect? Yes, i am overweight, i do not have the perfect skin, neither do i have the perfect looks. But I love my body. I accept my body the way it is. I know i need to get in shape according to my height stats but I am not going to change it to look like someone else’s. I even have stretch marks. SO what??? I am proud of them. I have given birth to two children and I have earned those stripes. I wouldnt feel ashamed of showing them off. Real breasts arent identical, real butts have stretch marks and real skin has freckles & scars. But according to me that is what makes it beautiful. Tell me, what looks better, a blank canvas or one with lines and colours on it?

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Everybody has a different body type, different body metabolism, totally different lifestyles and life priorities. Always remember, you can or rather you should be a better version of yourself and not of someone else. I have been struggling to lose weight ever since i remember. I have always been on the heavier side but thats how my body is. I cannot reduce my butt to a certain size because you think i should. My natural anatomical structure is broad and no matter what I CANNOT THAT!!! After trying many diets and workout routine, it is now that i know what works best for me and body. And YES, IT TAKES TIME. Remember, Rome wasnt built in a day. MAybe you lose weight and inches easily, but i dont and you cannot body shame me for that.


” You are too curvy, you need to lose weight. You are too skinny, you have no curves. Your skin is dull and oily. Why do you have pimples and acne on your skin?”. “Maybe, you are too judgemental and you need to shut up!!!!”


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Its 6:00 AM, my alarm beeps. I snooze it and catch up on 15 more minutes of sleep. My second alarm goes off at 6:15 AM, I want to sleep more but its time to wake up! I stretch a little and enter T’s room to wake her up. it takes me around 20 more minutes to get her on her feet. Meanwhile my 2 year old toddler ‘P’ wakes up Gopi. I start preparing breakfast and tiffin in the kitchen while Gopi gets ‘T’ bathed and ready for school. Once i am done i take charge of the kids and Gopi rushes to get ready for the office. I lay down the breakfast on the table and rush down with the kids to catch the school bus. Like every day, ‘P’ insists on playing on the swings and in the sand pit. It has become a daily ritual for us now. and as i turn back i see Gopi leaving for office.

Its 9:00 AM, we are back home and ‘P’ asks for his milk. After having his milk he insists on playing with the blocks and dolls. I settle him on his play mat and finally make myself a cup of hot tea. Thats when i realised that i forgot to have my morning glass of warm water (MENTAL NOTE: kal se pucca, will jot it down in the to-do-list). I scroll through my social media as I sip my tea and watch my son play. Its now time to go through the to-do-list for the day. I make a mental note of all that needs to be done and add a few things here and there in the list and stick it on the fridge. Well, did i mention my “DRINK WATER” post its that i have through out the house, because i often forget that as well, with all the housework and work assignments.

‘P’ starts getting cranky as he is hungry again. Its time for breakfast. I reheat the Poha and we enjoy it with some tea in our balcony. He loves to look at the birds, cars, buses and people passing by while having his breakfast in the high chair. Finally after all the messy eating and some more play I bathe ‘P’ and put him down for his nap. PHEW…I go through all my work mails and pending assignmets while he naps (Oh i am a architect by the way and i freelance). While completing my work i catch up with my mother and MIL, and then have a bath.

Its 1 PM and the bell rings. Its our househelp. As usual she gives me a disgusted look and enters the kitchen. As usual, i ignore her looks and instruct her what all needs to be chopped for lunch and the evening snack. I love cooking. It takes me another hour to prepare lunch and prep for the evening snack. Oh look ‘P’ is up from his nap and is hungry. I feed him lunch and some water and he wants a story. So, i read him a story. While doing so, the maid leaves the house, again giving me a disgusted look as always. After reading the story 5 times, i decide to settle him for some cartoon time while i could have my lunch peacefully. Post lunch I decide to lie down next to him while he enjoys his cartoon, but he decides that he wants to jump on me and wants me to play.

My 4:00 PM alarm goes off and its time to go downstairs as ‘T’ comes back from school. I help her change her clothes, we talk about her day at school and she insists on doing an activity kit on her own. I let her have some “me time” while i keep the toddler busy. Its 5:30 PM and time to make some tea. The kids want their snack too. Its vegetable tikki today. The bell rings and the kids rush towards the door. Its Gopi! Gopi is showered with kisses and hugs from the kids (makes me jealous sometimes). Soon enough the maid is here. I ask Gopi and the kids what they want for dinner and instruct the maid accordingly. Dinner is prepared while we sip our tea in the kitchen and discuss about our day. As the clock struck 6, the kids insist on going down to play. Both I and Gopi go down with them and stroll around the park a little while watching the them play.

Finally its time for my dance class. Gopi takes ‘P’ back home while ‘T’ continues playing with her friends. And after 1 hour of exhausting Bollyfit lessons and exercise, I rush back home with ‘T’. The kids keep away all their toys in place and we all have our dinner. We take charge of one kid each (usually its Gopi and P and Me and T) and manage to put them to bed by 9 PM. And alas, we enjoy some “us” time. Somewhere around 11 PM we doze off to sleep. Oh wait!!! I forgot to soak rajma for tomorrows lunch, and the school uniform needs ironing too, i need to soak the clothes as well, Oh and i need to check whether is enough milk in the fridge for the night as ‘P’ wakes up for his feed at 2 AM.

OK! 12 AM and i can finally go to bed. I promise tomorrow will be a better day and I promise myself to take out some “me” time from my schedule. and yes, i need to join the gym too.

GN diary and TC.

Geet’s journal (Father to 2 and husband to a working wife & mom. Well, why else do you think the maid gives me disgusted looks? And yeah i know the dance class part and chatting to mom and MIL part must have made you think that i am the wife. But I am here to break the stereotypes, I am here to make a change. I am proud of the fact that Geet works from home while Gopi goes to office. I am proud that our parents never discriminated between me and my sister and I am here to raise my children the way i was raised.

This post is the part of a campaign on #agenerationwithoutgenderbias
Join us as we raise our voice to speak against the invisible and visible boundaries that limit boys and girls.

#agenerationwithoutgenderbias #teachthemright #sharetheload #teachthemyoung #humansneedrespectandlove #manorwomanweareone

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Sirona’s therapeutic body wash

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🤗This body wash has been a great rescue for me for dealing with body odour. I, sweat a lot. Even in winters i sweat like crazy. As a result i have to bathe atleast 2 times a day in winters and 3 times in summers. I have always been conscious about this problem. I wish i knew about this body wash back in college, it would have saved several trips to the hostel in summers.🤗

😎It has a very calming smell and lathers up pretty well. Since you require only about 2 pumps for every wash, this 200 ml bottle is going to last you for quite sometime. Plus it has a shelf life of 2 years.

✅ It can also be used as a intimate wash, especially during your periods.

✅It consists 100% natural vegetable oils and is free of paraben, sulphates and chemicak actives.

✅Suitable for all agre groups, skin types and both men and women.

✅✅Overall i am liking this product. Will i buy this again? Definitely. If this reduces my bathing trips to just 1 or 2, then definitely. You can buy this product from

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Post partum depression- something we need to talk more about


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